"I believe there is no new thing under the sun. Everyone just to inspire & get inspired."
—Enjel Hutasoit—

Menjadi Perempuan (Millennial) Indonesia

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"Women are emerging as a major force for change. Countries that have invested in girls' education and removed legal barriers that prevent women from achieving their potential are now seeing the benefits." 
Sri Mulyani Indrawati


P E N G A L A M A  N    T E N  T A N  G    M E N J A D I    S E O R A N G   P E R E M P U A N

S O S O K    P E R  E M P  U A N    Y A N G    M E N J A D I    I N S  P I R A S I
The more chances you give someone the more reason you give them to think that they can do anything and get away with it. (Ruby Dhal)

T A N G G A P A N    T E N T A N G    I S U    F E M  I N I S M E
Ketika seseorang mengenyam pendidikan, ia semakin dekat dengan mimpinya.

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