Hi, my name is Enjelina. I hold Bachelor Degree in Science Education. I am much eager to adopt and know new technologies especialy programming. I learn programming by myself and applying some free online courses and scholarships.

I dedicated to continuously discovering, evaluating, and implementing new technologies to maximise development efficiency and anticipating future potential problems.


Microsoft Digital Literacy - IT Basics, Internet and Productivity Programs | Download Certificate

The goal of Digital Literacy is to teach and assess basic computer concepts and skills so that people can use computer technology in everyday life to develop new social and economic opportunities for themselves, their families and their communities. This course combines the 5 Microsoft modules to offer a comprehensive course on computer basics, the internet, productivity programmes and computer security.

Responsive Web Design Certification | Download Certificate

By working on projects you would have the opportunity of applying all the skills, principles and concepts you have learnt so far HTML, CSS, Visual Design, Accessibility, etc. The final projects of this course is building 5 projects: build a Tribute Page, build a Survey Form, build a Product Landing Page, build a Technical Documentation Page, and build a Personal Portfolio Webpage.

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures | Download Certificate

The goal of this course are to teach and assess basic skill in JavaScript, ES6, data algorithms in JavaScript and learn about object oriented and functional programming. The final projects of this course is building 5 projects: Palindrome Checker, Roman Numeral Converter, Caesars Cipher, Telephone Number Validator, and Cash Register.

Content Marketing | Download Certificate

The bearer of this certificate is hereby deemed fully capable and skilled in content marketing. He/she has been tested on best practice and is capable of applying them to long term content planning, content creation, promotion, and analysis, and increasing result through growth marketing.

Menjadi Azure Cloud Developer (MICROSOFT partnerships with Dicoding Scholarship)

The goal of this academy are to develop mobile and web app, deploying using Azure App Service, create a SQL database server, saving various types of data and files using Azure Storage, and analyze images and create question and answer applications using Azure Cognitive services.

Android Developer Expert (Kartini Developer Academy with Indosat Ooredoo Scholarship)

The goal of this academy are to cover Fundamental Android Studio, emulator and application component, testing and debugging, UI/UX, persistent data storage, enhanced system integration. The final project of this academy is building android apps (catalog movie and dictionary app).

Mobile Web Specialist (Google Developer Kejar Scholarship)

The goal of this academy are to cover fundamen desain web yang responsif and responsive images, web accessibility and offline web applications, asynchronous javaScript requests and ES6, javaScript improved and web tooling and automation.

Moreover, I feel I am responsible for making a big move in this field. I think it is our duty as people sharing life in this world to make our future better because the future is not only ours. Our grandchildren should be proud of us one day when they look back and find how hard we worked to make the world a better place.

Until then, I look forward to your positive response.
Thank you.